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When one develops a passion for body building and fitness, a chiselled chest is something that everyone wants to achieve, right? A good looking rock solid chest makes your body look like a beast but do you know that it takes a lot to develop the chest muscles?
A proper schedule and set of exercises need to be planned to achieve a symmetrical and developed chest area.
So, in order to achieve envious chest, do not forget these three golden rules:-
1). Push The Limits

Chest area demands more contraction and tension, hence always try to lift as much heavy weight as you can or do as many reps as you can while aptly putting the tension on the chest muscles. Progressing the load over time will enhance your chest to grow bigger and better.

2). Never Miss The Inclined Bench

This is the gravest mistake that you can do. People hit the flat bench but when it comes to the inclined bench, they tend to forget about it which is so not cool. Please understand that incline bench is a blissful exercise that helps you achieve that mind-boggling symmetry, and it is very SIGNIFICANT!

3). Connect Your Mind To The Muscle

When you are going to hit the gym to develop chest, you are bound to lift heavy, which is why a good mind-body-muscle connection is very important. Keep motivating yourself at regular intervals whilst doing the exercises and keep reminding your body that you CAN lift heavy; that is how you’ll be able to do the chores.

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- Shivam
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