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In India, you will find food business the most popular one, as here you will find most of the foodies. With the increasing number of foodies’ population, restaurants and street food joints are also increasing. In the metro cities like Mumbai and Delhi are considered as good places to work, and are also famous for their variety of foods. In cities like these, you will find food joints and restaurants attracting customers with some unique offers and discounts. Because might be there is a large crowd who wants to eat, but more than people today you will find more restaurants opened. In almost every street or at the corner of the street you can easily find various food joints and street food outlets.

No, this has given rise to a problem for the restaurants’ or food joints’ owners, because people have many options and their sale is reducing. So, some of them have thought a unique way to attract their customers and that are- ‘funny names’.

You will find many funny names written out on the hoardings of some food outlets, I have seen last night and I thought of searching for more. So, I Googled today and see what I found:

#1 Can you figure out what the owner wants to imply because I totally did not understand!

#2 These guys want to say ‘Chilled Beer’ actually, instead of ‘Child Bear’, this is so casual in U.P, the spelling mistakes.

#3 Yah… nice try, man!!!

#4 What??? No comments…

#5 Ok… now after Chitti the robot, LASSI got the feelings

#6 Engineers rule the world

#7 Seriously, are you kidding???

#8 A true Dilliwala, he is a brutally honest guy and straight forward

#9 Well, you need to pay more than required attention while reading

#10 No explanation needed

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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