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Today’s fast track life has taken a toll on almost everyone’s mental health. People tend to suffer a lot of stress in this ever-changing rapid world. The workload, financial issues, personal problems and what not; the human life is facing the wrath of every demon at once.
People suggest many ways to reduce stress but the question arises: DO YOU HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO PRACTICE THOSE THINGS?
This is the reason that I have decided to tell you about three very simple, time consuming and effective ways to reduce stress and depression:-

1). Try The Colour Therapy

So, it is scientifically proven that colours like pink, yellow, blue, and green have the tendency to calm the chaotic behaviour of the human psyche. So, whenever you step out, make sure to keep one thing of the mentioned colours and whenever you feel uneasy, just take that thing out and start gaping at it, you will feel relaxed within few moments. TRIED AND TRUSTED!

2). Take A CRUNCH

Eating up something crunchy like chocolate or an apple can help you stay calm. The effort to crunch these products help you distract your mind from gloomy thoughts and the rhythmic chew and crunch sound helps in soothing your senses.

3). Massage Your Earlobes

This might be the weirdest thing on the list but it works like wonder. Rubbing pressure points present on the earlobes can bring a lot of relaxation to your mind and body. Most people go for head massages during stressful situations but that’s the gravest mistake you can do, rubbing head can actually increase tension; so always hit for the earlobes and feel the relieving sensation.
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- Shivam
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