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Ever since the stars conspired to make Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone come together, this world has been receiving a new set of couple goals with each passing day. The adorable couple who dated for six years finally got hitched at Lake Como last year and the triumph of their love is still winning hearts.
Be it them being spotted together or their social media PDA, everything makes us root for this awwdorable couple. Everything is going hunky dory for the couple but there is always a fine line that needs to be discussed.

So, Ranveer is currently the hottest star of B-town, he is surrounded with many gorgeous women; in that case, anyone would think that Ranveer might get carried away and cheat upon but the man himself denies and gives an apt explanation. So, Ranveer and Karan Johar were guests for Film Companion’s show Tape Cast where Karan asked this BIG question and Ranveer replied: “I have bagged myself the top most chick, so what do I have to worry about. I have never met anybody in my life who has captivated me like the way she does. I have been seeing her for six years before we got married and that is testament to the fact that no other person has been, or will be good enough to tempt me. She is really something else.”

Karan also asked if the married couple is facing any issues, Ranveer said: “Honestly, there aren’t any issues. When we are home and together, we are super chill. We are best friends first and that is the most beautiful part of our relationship. Fortunately, we are both in the same line of work, so we always have a lot of talk about.”

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- Shivam
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