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Leave Alia Bhatt, Ananya is the new favorite of youth! Our Student of the Year 2 actress turned teacher. Ananya Pandey 19-years old is giving us the lesson in hairstyling. If you haven’t noticed her keenly, it is possible that you might have not noticed her simple classic hairdos. Ananya has got an impeccable taste in styling herself, she loves doing makeup and highlighting part is the most favorite of her.

Just like me, if you too love this young sensation then don’t miss out her social media account to feed yourself with some good dose of inspirations. The bubble girls always follow her daily skin care routine without skipping any step, unlike us! If there is anything that she does really well is managing her hair. The girl doesn’t like to complicate it much, instead, she keeps her hair simple and that is still so classy. I am totally in love with her hair, and I am sure when you will see you too fall in love.

Let’s see hair some amazing hairdos:

Glossy hair:

Ok… whether you have straight hair, wavy or curly, having the gloss in the hair is the dream of all girls. And Ananya Pandey knows the trick well. Her healthy hair from inside out is completely damage-free. The days when your hair feels little down and dull you can cheer them up by giving them a dose of hair serum.

Messy hair:

Ananya loves her beachy waves and the secret of the hairstyle is that if they got messy you don’t need to care. Because as much as they messy more, they will look better. So, go with messy hair, no care! But, don’t forget to sprinkle some frizz-free hair serum to get extra shine.


You have seen or even tried top-knot hairdo while leaving rest of the hair open at the back. The top-knot hairstyle is the win-win game because they are easy to make and you can carry them with any outfit. The hairstyle also saves you from bad-hair-days.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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