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Face oils are not new, instead, people are using them since ages. But, yes they have evolved greatly with the changing years. Today, you can find face oils on almost every skin care and cosmetic brands, but if your thoughts are not clear about them then you can’t use facial oils effectively. Every person has different skin, your skin might be different from your mother’s skin, so having own skin care products is suggested by the experts. And the facial oils also act in this way, there are many facial oils and all are made differently for their respective skin type.

If you have oily skin, you can’t use dry skin’s product, it won’t benefit you in any way. But, if you apply the product exactly the same to your skin type then it will 99.9% help your skin to revamp.

So lets us see what Myths facial oils have and what the reality is:

#1 Face Oils Don’t Work On Ageing Skin

If you want to use facial oils to rejuvenate your skin, and to minimize the aging signs, then find the one that has a concentrated the amount of omega fatty acid. The skin lipid barrier gets repaired through this.

#2 Face Oils Can’t Hydrate Dry And Flaky Skin

If you haven’t used any facial oil before, then believing in the myth is quite natural. Face oils that have anti-inflammatory properties are meant for dry skin, because they lock the moisture into the skin and smooth out dryness.

#3 Face Oils Should Not Be Used In Summer

if you fear using face oils in summers because of that extra oil on face, then don’t worry facials oils that are lightweight absorbed by the skin quickly without a trace of oiliness. You can easily use them in the summer.

#4 Face Oils Can Cause Clogged Pores And Breakout

Have you thought why breakout happens? It is because after cleaning the face you leave your pores open. Face oils help you in closing those open pores and stop your skin from breaking out.

#5 People With Oily Skin Can’t Use Facial Oils

Plant-based face oil actually calms overactive oil glands and reduce overall oiliness.

#6 You Can’t Use Face Oil And Serum Together

Serum and facial oils never cut each other’s path, as serums treat skin by penetrating deeper layers while oils protect superficial skin from toxins and environmental damage.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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