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Winter mornings are all about lying in a warm blanket, even if we are awake. Actually, these little laziness make us feel that we are enjoying the winter season in real. Otherwise, winter will end and you won’t be able to enjoy it. But there is also another thing to do in winter that is- Food.

Yes, food is the lifeline of many people, and in winter this love for food reaches its highest level. Imagine, on a winter morning, you are sleeping (not exactly, but you are awake) in your warm blanket and your eyes don’t want to open, but suddenly you sense something. And it is your favorite hot-chocolate and omelet, your eyes that are not opening will make you quickly get out of your warm blanket.

Yes, the winter season is that much enjoyable, let us see what are the most favorite foods of the season that can make up you ditch your blanket.

#1 Hot Chocolate:

This one is the most favorite drink of everyone in winter. A cup of warm milk with sweetened chocolate sauce or rich cocoa powder can make your winter morning. You can also try some hot coffee variants.

#2 Soup with crotons:

Soups are made for only winters, actually, I guess. As they are super quick to give you heat from inside as you sip the very first spoon. Tomato and hot & sour with croutons on it is my personal favorite. It will give you more pleasure if teamed up with buttery-garlic bread.

#3 Momos With Spicy chutney:

Hot moms and spicy chutney are the specialties of the winter season. Actually, people love eating momos and it has become the most liked street food. As the winter air grips you tight, the pleasure of having hot momos dip in the tasty sauce gives the heavenly experience. You can have vegetable momos, chicken momos, paneer momos or even the soya momos.

#4 Gajar Ka Halwa

How can we forget this most favorite dessert in winter? The melting fragrance and the ghee on top of is the one which steals my heart every winter season. Milky bites of khoya mixed in it and crisp it get by mixing dry fruits is everything. So yummy!!!

#5 Hot-choco lave cake

Hot choco lava cake is something for which you can’t deny. The melting chocolate inside with the soft cake base make you eat its more spoon. Driving the spoon in the middle of the cake is much more exciting than anything else.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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