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Is the girl life not her’s life? Can’t she take decisions of the life herself? Why is her life always controlled by others? Yes, we are living in the 21st century and how much we pretend that we have progressed in our thoughts but the harsh reality is when it comes to taking the decisions of life, small or big she hardly would be able to exercise her rights.

I am not being feminist or anything but we really need to ponder over this question that why is the girl always controlled throughout her life. Before the marriage, it's her parents who are deciding for herself. If she tries to speak for herself she is made to silence her voice and opinions no matter how strongly it will impact her life.

From what she should wear to what she should do in life to what she should study to whether she should work or not to whom she should get married to what and how should speak is monitored as per the society's expectations.

Things never get changed. What really changes is the person who is controlling her. Before her marriage, it is her parents who control her and after the marriage, her husband is the one who takes all the important decisions of her life. He is the one who gets the rights to decide if she will work or not, whom she will talk to and where and when she will go. In fact, she also needs permission to go to her home.
You only tell how much is it justified that a girl's life is never her.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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