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Morocco is one beautiful country that has rapidly increased its spot in travel enthusiasts’ dream list; so if you are planning to pack the bags and visit Morocco, keep in mind these five things:-

1). Do Not Forget The Cash

Morocco is a great place to satisfy your ‘shopping cravings’ but there is one catch, there are just some handpicked places that accept cards; so it is advisable to stroll around the exquisite markets of Morocco with some good cash in hand.

2). Avoid Using Left Hand In Public

If you want to mingle up with Moroccans, never use your left hand in public for everyday things like shaking hands, eating food etc. as the people of Morocco are really particular about hygiene, they use left hand only when they use washrooms and toilets, so keep your left hand in pocket.

3). Always Seek Permission

So, Moroccans are extremely conservative, so if you need to talk to them or you want some pictures with them; be very polite and seek their permission before going ahead with your set endeavour.

4). Getting Alcohol Is A Victory

So, Morocco is an Islamic country, so the use of alcohol is prohibited; however, tourists are allowed to drink on holidays but sipping a beer or something in a restaurant or something can take a toll on your pocket, so you might need to search a bit (read: a lot) and look for supermarts like Carrefour to purchase a bottle of alcohol.

5). Morocco Is Bi-Lingually Beautiful

Although the most prominent language in Morocco is Darija but Morrocans can also converse in Classic Arabic, Berber, English and Spanish.

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- Shivam
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