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Today, social media circle has confined human lives in a very preposterous manner. We crave hard for few likes, people feel very insecure about their appearance; just because of this rage known as social media. Catching the insecurities and addiction, an artist created some thought-provoking illustrations.
Sam Bailey - a 21-year-old illustrator from Slough, the United Kingdom, has taken it upon himself to present the reality behind the ‘Social Wall’.
Sam started creating illustrations in 2011 and as time passed by, his work went viral online and people hailed the man’s creative genius. His works are intelligent and artsy as well, which is why he became a sensation on the Internet.
Let us scroll through his amazing work, shall we?

1). The Addiction That Keeps Us Up All Night; Eventually Hampering Our Health And Productivity

2). All Of Us Have Gone Under The Knife Of Photoshop Because Our Insecurities To look ‘FAB’ Were yelling At Us Like Anything, Right?

3). Ever Felt Restless When You Did Not Get Enough Likes On Your Picture? YES, YOU DID!

4). The Wrath Of Trolling, Spamming, Slut Shaming And Pervert Texts; All Of It Has Come With The Social Media Addiction

5). And This One Makes Me Go Numb, Every time I See It. The Work Is Clearly Depicting Million Meanings At Once

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- Shivam
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