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From fashion hauls to video game walkthroughs to product reviews youtube is the medium which is pushing for fresh ideas for everyone. However in the race to beat the pressure for fresh content the youtubers have tried something which got them in lots of trouble.
These 4 youtubers were even dragged to the gate of death just because they openly express their views. This is how things turned ugly for these youtubers.
Have a look.

1. Juan Luis Lagunas Rosales:

A 17-year-old youtuber from Mexico had more than 7 lakh followers on Facebook and more than 3 lakh followers on Instagram. The cute blogger with the puppy-like face was popular for his brave style on social media. In 2017 the youtuber threatened the drugs mafia and the video went viral inviting the danger. In another live video, he shared live invitation for the party where he was murdered by the mafia men who shot 18 guns in his head and he died on the spot.
2. Rana Zuhair:

A Pakistani prankster who had to post a video on Lahori Vines with his 3 friends Husnat Ali, Abdul Satur and Rana Juhur. When Rana went to a family to scare them in the attire of a ghost someone from the family fired at him and this is how he lost his life in December 2018.
3. Asha Shah:

The youtuber from Scotland was murdered at his shop when he was going back from his work. He posted videos related to Islam which were not liked by Tehran Aamir from England. The murderer also surrendered him to the police after killing the youtuber with a knife.
4. Christina Grimmie:

An American singer had more than 4 million subscribers. She made her career by singing and during one of her stage shows she was shot by an anonymous person from the audience, the reason for which remains a mystery.
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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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