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History is full of treasure, you will find so many things on this earth. Our Earth was not only gifted with incredible building and brave fighters, however, here we also can capture some proves from history that unveils the story of some power couples.

If you think love was just in poems or in songs, then you are wrong. Some great people whom you know because of their work, or whom stories you may have heard also had a great love story at that time.

So, waiting more let us know who those couples were-

Alexander the Great and Hephaestion

You know Alexander the Great because of his passion to conquer the world, he was fierce and brave too. But many of you don’t know that his closest general Hephaestion was actually his lover. Many historians believe that the two share the close companionship for their whole lives until Hephaestion died. After the sudden death of Hephaestion in 324 B.C. Alexander was deeply affected.

Cleopatra and Julius Caesar

You must have heard or read the story of Julius Caesar, and in the story, there were few words mentioned about his wife, Cleopatra. But they were the red-hot power couple of their time. Although at first, the partnership was more business deal, after their marriage, it was a fruitful relationship between them.

Theodora and Justinian I

She was an earlier actress and he a commoner, Theodora and Justinian I emblem to rule the Eastern Roman Empire in the 6th century A.D. Theodora developed as one of the most powerful women of her time, and her husband relied on her guidance in most domestic matters. Together, they put down the Nika riots, advanced women’s rights, and built some of Constantinople’s most iconic landmarks, such as the Hagia Sophia.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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