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Landscapes are always fascinating and if they are captured by an artist, he or she will pour his or her creative juices in it. We know that Iceland has an amazing landscape throughout the whole country. If you have seen the view of Iceland from land, don’t you think that you might be missing the view from an amazing angle?

Look of Iceland from the sky is incredible. And if you got the chance to see from the eyes a creative person then never miss it. A Dutch photographer while traveling on his recent flight, he has the opportunity to expand his aerial portfolio, so without the chance, he created these pictures below. And they are really mesmerizing!

As we know photography from land is quite easy, but shooting from the air is a little bit difficult. From the air, the landscape looks entirely different. If you are going somewhere and get the chance to capture some most fascinating pictures then never miss the opportunity, even we would suggest you explore.

When you are traveling in air, views go in seconds. You have to be very quick and firm with your camera so that you won’t miss the scene. There also can be the chances that your hand may shiver, but if you think about the outcome, the thought will surely give you support.

From a height, if you see the landscape, the views really look like paintings. And this is the reason why we have mentioned the pictures as fascinating paintings. Rivers, ground texture, waves, valley, they all look very different from the sky angle. The advantage of using the plane you can quickly capture wide areas and much area quickly.

Some of the work of this great artist I have listed below:

#1 Snakes Scrawling

#2 Icy Hands

#3 The Dream View

#4 Deep Water Canals

#5 Mixing Of Two

#6 Imagery Animal World

#7 Warrior Waves

#8 Beauty Of Green

#9 Hints Of Orange

#10 The Dividing Line

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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