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Just Sul, a 44-year-old from India, is an engineer himself, but he is wearing a red-hot, imitating celebrity and so on. He currently has 2.3 million fans on IG.

He disregarded his big belly to play the celebrity's styling and wearing, but it caused unexpected results. He was well received, and he also loved the fashion trend, often taking photos with many trend sacred objects and shoes.

The photos of the celebrities are really funny under his interpretation. After putting on his beer belly, everything is too disgusting...but the gold necklace on the neck is full of power.

Xiao Jia is also the Indian uncle Just Sul loves to imitate the object, no tattoo can be used without painting.

Athletes can't help him, Conor McGregor has also become the object of his imitation, this time the tattoo is more detailed.

As long as you are funny, you can burst red on the Internet. This law is very suitable for the present world. It is the same in every corner. The Indian uncle with 2.3 million fans believes that dreaming will not be so red one day.

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