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We can’t deny the fact that coloring hair is a trend now, and besides this, it is fun. I too have colored my hair, it gives a quick change in our look, or I can say it is a kind of thing that we can call it- Makeover. But after three-four months, you will start noticing the true colors of your hair color. That lustrous hair that you had once, will no-more stay with you. Even a time comes when you do not anymore feel that they are your hair.

Don’t worry I have found some best tips to get over this tough face of your hair. If you too, trace suffering of post-coloring damage then these tips will be going to help you.

Tip 1- Give Your Hair Treat Of Oil

Oiling at least twice a week is the best old-age solution to lock the shine in your hair. This also makes your hair soft and nourished. Your scalp and roots need to be strong, your strands need nourishment and good care of the oil. Massaging after applying oil that suits your hair type can help in restoring the health and replenish nutrients.

Tip 2- Wash With Care

After oiling here comes the step washing hair. Hair must be super greasy now, but don’t try to over wash it. To rinse off the oil completely washing twice is enough. After this step, you need to gently run a dry towel to get them ready for the next step.

Tip 3- Deep Conditioning

Now it is the time to hydrate your hair. Conditioning after washing the hair is the best to lock the shine. Massage with your conditioner all over your strands, make a high bun and lock them with a band or hair clip. Now you can bath freely, enjoy! After five to seven minutes wash it off.

Tip 4- Embrace Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is not only for cooking or fat burning, but it can also be used as one of the best beauty care product. This helps in restoring your pH level of the scalp and boosts it functioning. Apple cider vinegar helps you in promoting healthy hair growth. This makes your dull hair smooth and shiny.

Tip 5- Amp of Serum

Besides your skin, hair as well need the goodness of serum. You are done with almost all the steps now you need to lock nourishment in your hair, and this can only be done by applying serum in your strands. After this hair care routine, your hair will be ready to face the light.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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