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Sanya Malhotra started her career from Bollywood movie Dangal with Aamir Khan. She played the role of Babita Phogat, one of the famous wrestlers Phogat sisters. And after then her career catches the fire and she grows like crazy in the industry. She is a curly hair girl, but manage like a pro!

I know having hair is tough in its own, because one has to care their locks with so much care. They also tend to get rough quickly. You can’t brush them easily, even the styling is a tough job. And how I know this much, because I am also a curly hair girl, with big waist-length locks. And, it is really hard to manage, but in reality, I love them. They suit best to my personality and made me look like a firecracker, whenever I open them.

Ok… it is not about my locks, but about Sanya Malhotra. She is not alone in the industry as we have more gems in our Bollywood, Kangana Ranaut and Taapsee Pannu also have natural curls. Sanya rarely opens her hair, and she never fears from experimenting with her hair.

If you too have curly hair, Sanya is here to get inspiration from, let’s take a cue from hairstyling.

1. Pineapple Bun

It is the most famous bun among the celebs, and if you have curly hair then make sure to give it a shot. It is fun styling and super easy. You just need to do is to pull off all your hair into a bun and secure with bobby pins.

2. Elegant Updo

Don’t you think that this hairstyle looks so elegant and a perfect one for a meeting or even a classic party? This classic updo works wonderfully well with curly hair, it will give more romantic vibes when you take some strands out.

3. Low curly bun

You must have seen Alia and Deepika styling their hair in a low bun, but do you know a secret? This low bun hair look goes well with curly hair. Make the look more gorgeous with bindi and jhumkas. Neatly, pull some hair out and secure your bun with hairpins.

4. Bang On wavy

Wavy is also most attractive hair, you don’t need to straighten your pretty locks to pull off bangs. Curly waves rock too! Run your fingers roughly and make is it a bun. Here Sanya is not only confident in her own skin, but about her ringlets too.

5. Sexy Shorts

Short hair always look sexy! Sanya in short hair and with her natural pretty locks. If you are worried about trying the boy cut, see how Sanya is handling her short hair, and looking sexy.

6. Side bread

This is not only for all your straight hair friends, but instead it is will also look best on you. Sanya’s one of the go-to-hairstyles is side braid. Those who think braiding with curly hair is impossible, learn from Sanya.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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