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The way the English language is spoken in our country it can't possibly be spoken anywhere else in the world. The creative minds of our country use the language according to their comfort. I think We Indians have crossed the extreme possible heights of using the language so flexible and creatively. "Talented toh hai hi hum boss".
I mean despite not knowing the ABC of language the way we use it is definitely incredible and no one else can do. So this is what happens with the language when people use it when they actually don't know. You know what is the interesting part they will show as if they have mastered in the language.
1. Hinglish:

I think Hinglish is one of the most popular languages spoken in our country. We use Hinglish phrases so comfortably in our private as well as public phrases.

2. Words that do not exist:

We Indians are super talented to create words that don't exist in the dictionary.

3.Pee Kar nikalne wali English:

Drunk people use the most correct form and accent of English and no one actually beat them in English.

4. Funny abbreviations:

Social media has given birth to the cool words and short forms which have become part of our daily life.

Aati ho ya nahi but we feel proud to speak English...

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
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