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Friendship is the relationship that we choose, and friends are true mate. They stay together with us either are doing any mischief or work. BFFs are best, and when we forget their birthday or any special event for which they are preparing for so long, seems like that we even don’t deserve their unconditional love and undivided attention.

But don’t feel so sad if mistakenly you have forgotten that special day and at the last moment you remember. We have the amazing gift ideas that you can create in just a few minutes and they won’t feel like you have forgotten.

1. Put together a basket…

Make a list of her liked things, and then buy few and a cute basket pours those food items in the basket and cover it with a pretty bow. You can choose some chocolate, Nutella, exotic jam, almonds, noddles, and all that you can think she/he will like.

2. Frame Your Love

Those cute selfies or the picture of you two that you can’t get enough of…print and frame. You can DIY a cute and beautiful frame according to her taste and gift her. Together forever!

3. Huggable

It is not possible for your best friends when she wants unless you are staying with her. So the solution gets your best picture out on a cushion cover. You will find many shops in the market now that print pictures on cushion covers, T-shirts and other items.

4. Let It Grow

If your best friend loves plants, you can gift her an indoor plant decorated lights that can lighten her house. The gift will not only fruitful of but also for your friendship.

5. Love In The Jar

Lip balm, hand creams, and lotions are the best friends of every girl. Take a jar DIY it, decorate it with even fairy lights and then throw some lip balms, hand creams, mini perfume bottles, and handy lotions in it. She can use it at her best, and with every use of it, she will remember you.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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