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Birthdays are so special for every person. The day on which are born, we have put our first foot on the earth. And, of course, the day when we met our parents for the first time. This day needs to be celebrated.

Some girls are crazier than few or boys, they get over excited for their birthday, like me….hahaha! But being excited on the birthday is the only thing that can make it special, because if you depend on others, maybe your expectation flooded with tears. Getting lots of gifts on birthday, wishes, blessings, expecting it one of the best day, and so on…if your expectations are also very high, then these funny illustrations will tell you a different story .

The illustration below showing a comparison between what we expect and what exactly happens. It will so fun while looking at all these pictures and imagining if this happens with you on your birthday, how will you react.

#1 Hair

We expect to look fascinating, beautiful so that people could guess, it should be her birthday through our perfect hair, makeup, and dress. But, what happens in reality, one hair will pop out and at the last moment, you got to know that it is your worst hair day.

#2 Queen

Every girl wants to feel like a queen, even though I also want this. But in reality your friends will treat you like the regular day, your parent will scold at you for sure. And, of course, how the world can be with you, forget about it!

#3 Gifts

Posting on social media with gifts and opening all those gifts makes the best end of the birthday. But, imagine, no gifts, not at all! How will you post, how will you get that birthday to feel?

#4 Best Wishes

We expect some good messages, best wished, but in real friends never leave on that day too. Forget about best wishes, instead of this, you will get lots of punches.

#5 Surprises

Yes, birthday surprises are all dreamy! What are you thinking that when you enter your house you gonna have a best ever surprise party? No, it doesn’t happen mostly. In real life on one has that much time to plan your dream-like surprise party. It is true, I know and we have to accept it!

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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