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Spicy food is the favourite of almost everyone. But the dilemma is eating it. I know you love that sweet burn when it first strikes your tongue, and if you have more of it you then you are going to feel the blast of fire that spicy food creates in your mouth. And believe me, eating much of it can make your stomach ill. After eating too much spicy food, your mouth will start feeling like that your mouth has just given the birth to wildfire all around, even if you love eating it so much.

I know eating spicy food is so much captivate- but after having so much of spicy sauce or spicy food in your meal, have you ever thought that how can you neutralize it for enjoying it once more?

First, why we like eating spicy food?

The reason behind you crave for spicy food bowl at the dinner or in the evening, is actually your brain’s gameplay. A specific chemical compound in hot peppers called capsaicin signals the brain to release endorphins, the chemical that alleviates pain, as well as dopamine, which is known as the “feel-good” hormone.

It’s no wonder why you can’t get enough of the spicy stuff, your brain actually plays the game with you and make you fool by confusing. Your brain release neurochemicals that block pain and hormones and this make you feel euphoric even though your mouth is in pain and burning like hell.

“I feel that the best food or drink to pair with spicy foods is something that has dairy, like a creamy sauce, a yogurt sauce, or a creamy cocktail,” Chef Seadon Shouse of Halifax in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Neutralizing the too-spicy food with creamy products is the secret to remedying the food. So be sure to have yogurt or milk cream stored in your fridge.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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