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40 soldiers martyred in Pulwama terror attack and shattered the lives of their families as well . The families are left in complete silence still trying to understand what has happened with them. They definitely possess the guts and bravery in their head and heart to accept the traumatic reality.
I guess bravery is in their blood. I cannot even imagine the pain a 10-year or a 5-year-old that they have to go when they have to light the funeral pyre of their father.
Brave, daring, proud are the words that describe the families and kids of the martyrs.

I have collected a few photographs that came on social media which will melt your heart. Have a look at these photos.

1. Thunderstruck

2. Bravery in the blood...

3. Pride...

4. A mother in uniform is no less a mother...

5. Daring & Honest

6. Their lives also count

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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