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It is an old trend for a few boys to stalk girls on the road, colleges, and supermarkets and so on. But if you ask a girl, she just wants to kill that stalker. If 7 Khoon Maaf can be done in real life, then girls would definitely like to kill the stalkers.

Before the technology era, stockers had different ways of stalking girls, but with the rising of technology hiding behind the screens, they have found new ways. And, I am gonna tell you about this evolution of stalking.

Stalkers Before:

When people, mostly girls don’t have mobile phones, stalkers use to follow them on road, right start from the Nukad to their college gate entrance, till then the guard make them run away. And in that era, I guess this was kind of a trend. A group of boys follows the group of girls, even though they are not interested.

And when girls got the phone, whenever they go to the ‘recharge shop’, local boys somehow manage to get the number and then stalk them through calling and messaging. Unknown calls and messaging and saying- the most unexpected words were really daunting and threatening.

Smartphone era is when people got to know about the World Wide Web more personally as they can now have Google and the internet right in their phone. People use Facebook, emails and other people connecting sites. And in that time what stalkers do, they stalk their college girls. Follow them in the whole college, classrooms, library, auditorium, unless they got their heels on their head.

Stalkers Now:

As we know this 21st century in which we are living is actually a technology era, and we can have everything right on our doorstep when we want. From online shopping to food ordering we use different apps to get whatever we want. These apps also provide chat services, so that if we are facing any problem we can ask them. But stalkers have actually crossed their limits. I mean what…now they are flirting with a customer care service girl! She is supposed to help us, and stalkers have really exceeded their level.

Important Notice: Stalking is not good, for both boys and girls. Contacting or following one without their permission or with not-good intention possibly raise lots of problems. Please, we request you don’t do this.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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