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Besides the biological differences, Do you think there exist differences between a boy and a girl?

The way they are nurtured definitely makes them different and respond to a similar situation in a different manner. From the manner of expressing their emotions when they are happy or sad to the way they are dealing with the circumstances they face they are very different from each other.
What makes them so different from each other? Is this difference good or boy is another point but they are different that is for sure.

Here are some of the daily life situations and demonstration of how both of them reacts in these situations.

1. When they get sick...

2. When they commit a mistake and the teacher asks to go out of the class

3. When you get less marks and the teacher asks to get the parents signature on the test

4. When they are happy

5. After break-up

Disclaimer: These differences may or may not be applicable to everyone but this is how the majority of the people reacts.

So take a chill pill and celebrate the difference because it's good to be different. Isn' it?

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
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