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Like every child, I also grew up listening 'Log kya kahenge'. Firstly I wonder who these 'Log' are and why are they so much interested in our lives? Don't they have anything to do expect to monitor our lives and poke their big nose in everything we do because just when I decide to do something I hear the phrase time and again ' Log kya kahenge'.
When will we be able to decide things and do things which we want to do in our life rather than thinking about what that log will think? Will, that log like what I am doing?
Here are a few examples that show how our life revolves around these logs no matter how much hard we try to stay away from these logs.

1. When you love someone outside the caste

2. If you are going out without getting dressed properly

3. If you are good in studies and still says you want to opt for humanities/arts

4. If you deny to get marry and stay single

5. When you decide to adopt a baby

6. When you eat too much

7. When you sleep in excess..

These are some examples but the list is endless...

No matter how much people say 'logo ka kaam hai Kehna' and will advise you to do what you like but the truth is you cannot really distance yourself from these logs..

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
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