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Animated films are definitely an escape from reality to a world that is so upright and vigorously colourful. The characters and the distinctive humour make you forget the worries for 2 hours or so; such is the prowess of animated films. So, here are 5 animated films that hold a special place in our hearts: -

1). UP

Seventy-eight-year-old Carl Fredricksen gets stuck with a scout boy and embarks on an unwanted adventure that made us understand many things about friendship, love and life. Also, Carl and his wife’s love story touched many hearts. *I am still weeping*

2). The Lion King

There’ll be hardly anyone who doesn’t love this cult classic. The iconic characters and great storyline created a film experience that was inexplicable. Even today, ‘The Lion King’ holds a special place in the hearts of cineholics.

3). Frozen

Newly-crowned Queen Elsa mistakenly uses her powers to turn everything into ice. It is now up to Anna (the queen’s sister), a mountain man and a snowman to revert things to normal. This layered adventure drama gave us some striking moments and the snowman’s character was loved by one and all.

4). The Toy Story Series

This has to be in the list, the one movie that taught us volumes of lessons on friendship. This movie bought back the animated genre from the dead and is regarded as an all-time classic.

5). Inside Out

Perhaps one of the most wisely written animated movies of all times. The movie is filled with deep-rooted psychologies and concepts and this doesn’t make the film boring at all because all of these ideologies have been presented in a very indirect and entertaining manner. Go watch this underdog of animated films now!

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- Shivam

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