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The disastrous Pulwama attack that took the lives of 40 Bravehearts has shocked each and everyone in the nation. The aftermath of this attack has caused an environment of hatred, intolerance and bullying.

In a movement to condemn these attacks, Ajay Devgn stalled the release of his next ‘Total Dhamal’ in Pakistan. Ajay also talked about the incident and said: “See the whole country is not like this. There is a certain section of people who want to create problems. I think that is not fair but it spreads on social media and it feels like the whole world is dirty and the whole country is like this. I think we should be responsible enough to react to things in a certain way and to accept what is right and not accept what is wrong. So, social media has its own flaws. And it is not like the courts will decide; people have started to become judges of their own, which is not right.”

Ajay also told that the makers of ‘Dhamal’ have made sure that they do not offend anybody, hence any religious/political jokes were not included in the script, he told: “We have not made fun of any religion or dialect. The characters are all normal and they are funny. We are not making fun of anybody. I don’t think it is a kind of film that can offend anyone.”

‘Total Dhamal’ is Dhamal franchise’s third film and it is all set to hit the theatres on Feb 22.
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- Shivam
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