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Office, space where we spend most of the time of our day definitely play a quintessential role in teaching the most important lessons of our lives. You will come across the bunch of people; you know 'Vibhin Prakar Ke Prani' who will try to push you to the ground so that you are not able to stand but you know if you try to escape yourself from the situation you will never be able to grow in life. So you should know how to deal with such sets of people.

1.Art of identifying people
You should have the art of identifying people. Everyone cannot be your best friend so you need to prioritise people in your workplace as in your personal space. You cannot share everything with everyone and it is your understanding that will help you to decide who are your real well-wishers.

2. When to react and how to react
You also need to understand this fact that you cannot react in every situation and to every person in the same manner. You should have the ability to ignore a lot of things otherwise it will affect you only.

3. Deattachment with professional and personal life
It is better if you keep your personal life as well as professional detached because it will affect both. It is important to maintain a relationship with everyone but if you get too much attached to someone in the workplace it can have negative consequences.

4. Discussing with the correct person
It is important to talk to the correct person if something is disturbing you. If you discuss your concerns to the wrong person it will make the situation worse.

Thus, the office definitely teaches you to identify the real faces of people and how to deal with different people without getting affected by it. You learn the art of prioritising about things of your life.

So, don’t take the extra load and keep learning new things everyday…

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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