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Are you fascinating by stories of mysterious and abandoned places, which is famous for eating up people? Then you have landed on the right place.

Many of these places are the scenes of the horrific deaths, which have resulted in ghost sighting claims. And rest are just beautifully created, scary by Mother Nature.

Let us check out the list without further revelation about these places:

#1 Gomantong Caves, Malaysia

Do you hate creepy cockroaches? Here you will find millions of cockroaches grossing out from everywhere. This place is might not be for you, then! They mainly feed off bats’ faces, but they will also eat any animal that falls on the caves.

#2 Antarctica

You might have heard in stories or read in the news that Antarctica wrapped under darkness for 6 months and the rest of the months you will daylight 24 hours. And when you visit the place from March till September, Antarctica stays under darkness and the temperature plunge to -60ºC. You won’t need any ghost here, as when you step on the land of ice, you will become ice ghost.

#3 Death Valley, USA

Here you will find the hottest ghost- Temperature reach more than 46 ºC, and this driest desert is spread over 225 km, in North America. Here vanishing mysteriously may get real, when sand goes in its full swing.

#4 Mud volcanoes in Azerbaijan

Many regions in Azerbaijan is unbelievably covered in mud volcanoes. And these volcanoes are frequently active and releases a large amount of mud from inside.

#5 The Death Road, Bolivia

The road with its real name as- Yungas road, which connects La Paz to Coroico is 56 km long. It is built in the middle of the Andes at over 3000m above the sea level. The road is so narrow that it allows only one road to pass at a time. The road also stays covered with fog and record show there are 200 to 300 deaths every year.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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