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If you ever thought that your life is bizarre and inconsistent, you might want to re-think after reading the account of this woman who divorced her husband 3 minutes after saying ‘I Do’. Yes, freaking 3 minutes!

So, what happened was that after the marriage ceremony was completed, the happy bride and groom were stepping out of the courthouse, where the bride lost her balance; she tripped and fell on the ground. Watching this incident, her husband did not come for her help rather he stood there and laughed at her and went ahead to call her ‘stupid’.

This enraged the hidden feminist of the bride and she took no time in deciding that this man isn’t the one. So, the woman walked back into the courthouse and asked the judge to sack their marriage with immediate effect. The judge decided to favour the woman and he eventually called for a termination of the marriage.

Honestly, I do feel that the woman did a right thing by giving a tight slap on the faces of toxic masculinity and patriarchy. If the woman had not spoken at this incident, who knows that she might have to suffer something extreme in the near future. Also, you should never settle for a man who cannot stand for you and who has the audacity to belittle you. While some people are praising the woman, some are thrashing her for her decision, giving reasons like ‘the amount of money wasted’, ‘it is against rituals’, ‘it was an immature decision’; but the question is if all these people were going to spend their life with the man, it was this woman and it should definitely be her choice to choose what is good or bad for her, right?

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- Shivam
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