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Crocodiles – one of the most vicious reptiles on earth are large aquatic entities that are found in tropics of Africa, Asia, Australia and America. Here are some facts that’ll help you know this aggressive being better:-

1). Crocodiles have a set of 24 fierce teeth, and despite this, they never chew their food/prey. They use their teeth to grab and hold their prey so that it doesn’t get slip away from their arrest. Post torturing the prey, they gulp it in and satisfy their hunger.

2). Crocodiles do not possess sweat glands and it gets really tough for them to deal with harsh summers. In such a period of time, they are often seen sitting calmly with their mouth wide open. They do this to transmit the body heat out via their mouth.

3). Many theories suggest that crocodiles are in fact very much related to dinosaurs. It is found that the first specie of crocodiles was seen around 270 million years ago, roughly around the time when dinosaurs were getting extinct slowly and gradually. Also, just like dinosaurs, crocodiles too have shorter forelimbs than hind limbs.

4). Crocodiles have a great night vision and their eyesight gets better with the passing day, in evening it gets better and in night it comes out in its full competence . Also, the eyes of crocodiles turn red during night time.

5). A female crocodile lays about 70 eggs at once and takes care of the lot for three months. The babies of crocodile can make noises from inside the eggs which is why most of them become food for lion, tigers, wolves etc.

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- Shivam
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