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Ranveer Singh’s rap from ‘Apna time aayega’ has inspired the common man and the government alike. Recently railway Piyush Goel tweeted “KAYDE SE TICKET LE” , TERA TIME BHI AAYGA, which were followed by hilarious tweets “ TRAIN TIME PAR AAYEGA?
I don’t know how much has it inspired others but the rap has definitely inspired me. So I thought why should I not give a try? The truth is I have failed very poorly in my attempt. The good part is I have been able to depict all little problem of life and the bad part is. Everything else is the bad part only so I cannot write everything but yeah the worst part is the rap does not look like rap at all.
But looking at the first attempt I think this was not that bad at all. So I decided to share it with you.
1. Cheaters

I know cheating in the exam is also an art. ‘ Kehte hai na nakal mein bhi aakal lagti hai’.
Disclaimer: I am not at demotivating all hard working people.

2. For Singles

All the jealous singles have hope because this is what you can do….

3. Dreamers

So if you are also someone who follows the crowd you definitely need second thought in your life dude…

4. Office politics

BEWARE all the ‘CHAMCHAS’ because…

5. Failure

How many clichés it may sound but failure is definitely the pillar to success.

6. Liers

No doubt it takes time iska matlab ye nahi ki hawa mein udo kyoki …

7. Fear

Darr ke aayega definitely jeet hai. Tabhi toh I was also able to write it. Sorry for making you so bored. Our time has gone. So bye bye…

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
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