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BFF and the bond we share with them is really so beautiful. A best friend is the only person which is chosen by us and our action, devotion, care and love towards them decide how much longer our story will go on.

Some friends leave us when we leave our old school, then they never contact us. And in college, we too have some friends that don’t care about that “so-called” friendship after graduation.

But don’t worry, give your mind a little pressure and remind about that friend who was your best friend and used to stay with you, might be you are in her or him contact still, but I am sure you just need a kick to your mind to remember those comic favors we all use to do. These favors you also have done with your friend, as well.

I have thought of some favors that I personally did, and some I have made. So let us start this from the very first stage that is childhood right from the junior class of school.

#1 Two Toffee

Remember the day of our birthday, and when we are in school we used to distribute toffees (only 90’s kids will remember), during our nursery class to almost 5th class I guess. And what we liked to do is to give our best friend two toffee, and rest have to compromise with one.

#2 “Most Secret” Secret

In teenage, we had so many things to share, but the most secret talk, clarifying those embracing biology doubts and so on, with only that one person- Best Friends. In school, we used to have many friends, but still, we have never shared our most personal secret with any other friend other than only that person.

#3 Same Boy

Ok, …let’s move to our college life, that time we had many crushes. Sometimes it happens that we and our best friend had a crush on the same boy. And if we hate a boy, our friend also hates that boy. Hahaha… that time was so funny, right!

#4 Tips On Married Life

Before marriage, we used to think that we know almost everything about married life and what probably happen after marriage. And when we got to know that our best friend is getting married, whether we are married or not, we used to give tips to her, even if we are not correct, and she always trusts on what we are telling her.

#5 Bitching

In old age what all that aunties use to do, just bitching about either their Bahu or some other person’s daughter. And, being the best friend, we only do our Bahu’s bitching with our best friend.

Author- Simran Bhatnagar

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