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We Indians have such a flexible tuning with the clock watch that we think the time is in our personal control and reach. That’s the reason probably why we always reach the destination on our time. Be it the wedding function of someone or travelling somewhere we have our own understanding with the time. ‘ Aree India Mein Train Kabhi Time Par Aati Hai Jo Aaj Ayegi’. ‘Aree Barat toh apne time par hi aayegi’. So ‘ hum apna sara kaam apne according to hi karte hai’.

That is the reason why we have such difficulty when we are expected to do things just in time. Remember how much we used to curse our school teachers for asking us to complete every project, assignment on time. We all used to hate our school life because it was expected to be punctual. We all waited for our college life because we would be in our own comfort zone, doing things according to our time.

Agree or not but the office space which restricts our freedom and expects us to perform our responsibilities on some fixed timings are definitely not liked by us. A lot of you including me may have this idea that everyone requires it space and freedom to work. The reason for this attitude is probably the mentality and the way we have been brought up. Needless to say, it affects how we think and how we work.

That is the reason why the 9 to 5 job is just a big task boss. Humse toh nahi hota boss but kya karein karna padta hai pappi pet ka sawal hai. Chalo this is how things are can’t much help. Got to go. Have to complete work on time otherwise….

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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