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Undoubtedly, India has progressed in the health status of its population. There has been a progression in the modernisation of healthcare infrastructure but still, India continues to lack a lot….
Talking particularly about the status of ventilators in hospitals. There is a dearth of ventilators in the hospital. Our hospitals lack cost-effective ventilators. The cheapest ventilator costs around 4-5 lakhs and most of them are so technical and bulky which makes them immobile.

However, AIIMS neurosurgeon Dr Deepak Aggarwal and a 26-year-old robotics scientist professor Diwakar Vaish of the creation of a low budget user-friendly ventilator has resolved all the problems that existed with the traditional ventilators. These ventilators are light in weight and mobile and work similar to the traditional ventilator and the best part is it operated by mobile phones making it user-friendly.

“There’s acute scarcity and I would suppose that around a million ventilators are urgently required across India right now. So here, our ventilator fits in perfectly because it can be used at home, hospital wards, ICU’s as an advanced ventilator, as well as ambulances,” explains Dr Aggarwal.

Innovation is a good option for the families of patients who have to leave all their work to visit them as there are a lot of the patients which takes a lot of years to recover and they cannot be discharged from hospitals as they require ventilators. So such ventilators are best for such patients.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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