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There are public toilets in our country, statistically put over 80 million public toilets in the country but when it comes to cleanliness how many of them are actually clean. Unfortunately, none of them! That is the reason I guess women fear to use them in case of emergency. These public toilets lack the basic amenities that a woman requires. Thus public toilets continue to remain an important issue for every woman.
I don’t know how many of us have actually thought about bringing even a little modification for the worsening conditions of these public toilets. But amongst are two people who have dared to bring a transformation in the lives of women.

The duo, Ulka Sadalkar and Rajeev Kher are two entrepreneurs in the sanitation sector. They both have made health centres, this is what both likes to call them for the women of Pune.

As Pune is quite a congested place and it is difficult to construct the public toilets is quite difficult but still, the two managed to construct them. The duo noticed that many of the public buses ended up at landfills or scrap dealers so they managed to talk to the PMC and decided to convert them into public toilets and also find a location to park them too.
The project received funding from several corporates. The initiative is called ‘Ti for Toilet’ where ‘Ti’ refers to ‘she’ in Marathi. The solar-powered public toilets have all the smart facilities including sanitary napkin dispensers and a diaper changing area as well and all these facilities are provided at a nominal fee of just Rs. 5.

Their idea of converting 11 old buses into swanky public toilets for women is quite a refreshing and unique idea. Both of them further plans to modernise them by setting up Wi-Fi spots, juice stalls etc.
We just hope that they inspire other people as well.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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