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Tales of heart with the pets are common. We all have heard and seen people’s attachment and bonding with their pets. This emotional bonding and attachment is, however, being quite reciprocal as well. When you spend quality time with your pets, they too get attached but with you and as one says some things make you feel good and take away all our stress and worries. Spending time and being with the innocent creatures, our pets is one of such soulful part of our lives.
You may have heard about such stories so often but you may have not heard about someone who is being followed by hives of bees. Seems so strange and weird too but there exists a man named Gosa Taffese who not only has a beehive in his room where some countless number of bees and insects travel with the person and follow him wherever he goes.

Called as the father of bees he says “Bees love to follow him wherever he goes. When he goes to different towns each time a colony of bees came to nest around him. He, however, is not acquainted with the reason behind the same.
Bees came to live with him in his house 15years ago and continue to do so even after when he tried to get rid of the bees because the neighbours were terrified with the presence of bees in the house. The daughter of Gosa Taffese says my friends don’t come to my house to study as they are afraid of bees.

These bees continue to be the bread earner for the father of honey. However, the mystery behind the same remains unsolved. Gosa Taffesse says he is like every other man. He is no different from others but this is how things are.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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