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We come across so many people in our lives but a very few of them actually become part of our lives in a real way. They are the one who will be happy to see you moving ahead in your life. Rest of them will just cripple you so that you are not able to march forward in your life.

The real ones will always motivate in your life. Here are some of the ways by which you can also provide them with support and be their backbone too.
1. You always need to motivate people by telling them the advantage or the good of something. This is the most common method. The positive points of a certain thing are something which they may also be aware of.

2. Providing them insights about the certain thing is just not the factor which can motivate people. You need to know what is their weakness or things which they love in their life. You then need to improvise that factor/goal according to the thing they love.

3. Sometimes demotivating someone is the best way to motivate. When you tell someone you cannot do that work they will push harder to prove you wrong.

4. Yes of course sarcasm is also one key which can be used to motivate them.

These tips can actually be productive if they are wisely used on in the correct circumstances.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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