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How much technology connected we may be calling ourselves but the technology is actually making us alone the way we were never before. Yes, social media is making us connected to each other but the real question is being we really connected or each other. I think the answer is a big No. I don’t know how much you agree with me but the fact is that social media is making us alone.

This is how things are!

We spend most of our time online but the fact of that matter is this is making us distant from meeting people face to face. We like to be in our closed spaces chatting on social media. We thus keep ourselves away from our really close friends and spending more time on our virtual screens.

This is making our connections and bonds with a lot of closed one so week that we hardly have people in our lives who are there for us. That is why the present generation feels so lonely and depressed most of the time leading to so many mental disorders and affecting our physical health as well too.

In this unknown addiction to the technology impact, we are losing our real people and the worst part is we hardly realise this fact. Even if we so realise then it is very late.

So if you also spend a lot of time on the technology you need to give a second thought because it may be making you feel connected in the short run but the reality is you are becoming disconnected and alone in the long run.
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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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