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PUBG Mobile created havoc in the gaming world upon its release and as the trend caught fire, it became one of the most happening games upon android and IOS platforms. The game recently touched the 200 million mark and it is a testimony to its ever-growing popularity. The shooting genre game has touched all the right notes amongst the gaming geeks.
With 50 million daily active users, PUBG has conquered the pop-culture like a king and there is no stopping to the craze, anytime soon. The popularity of PUBG can be calculated with the fact that even our Prime Minister gives this game’s reference. *wink*
Taking this game into account, an illustrator went ahead to show his creative chops. The Instagrammer who goes by the name, Musthaiz Ahmed added some ‘Desi Tadka’ to our favourite battle royal game and we are definitely swooning over his creativity.
Have a look for yourself!

1). Lodhi Garden? Central Park? Marine Drive? Which Place It Is?

2). Time To Write ‘Dekho Yahan Gadhe Ka Poot Moot Raha Hai’ On The Miramar Walls

3). PUBG In Kanpur: ‘Desi Kattey Aur Desi Paan Dono Bahutay Jaroori Hain Be!’

4). Everything Is Fine By Why This Autowala Resembles Manish Paul?

5). Ham Hain ‘Bajrang Dal’, Nahi Chora Tha Peecha ‘Kal’, Naa Chorege ‘Kal’

By the way, Tencent Gaming has collaborated with Resident Evil 2 for a new ‘zombie survival’ mode. This fantastic news has made PUBG fanatics go gaga over the battle royale game even more. So, go ahead, Kill some dead people!
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- Shivam
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