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The fact that the nomination list of these award shows goes viral a month before the award ceremony taking place puts light on the significance and craze of these award shows. From Hollywood to Bollywood everyone is driven insane by the Oscars awards. The 51st Oscars are already happening. So here I am with some unhidden and interesting facts about the OSCARS which I am quite sure you may not familiar with.
1. Origin of the name:

It is believed that ‘The Oscars’ originated from Academy librarian Margaret Herrick’s Uncle Oscar who resembled a lot like the award statuette.

2. One of the most awkward incident: Over excitement turned into an embarrassment.

In 1934 Frank Capra went to collect the award on the stage in the Best Director category when actually the winner was Frank Lloyd.

3. When someone disappeared...

In 1938 Alice Brady won the Best supporting award in 1938 but she could not attend the ceremony as she was ill. However, a stranger collected the award on her behalf and was never caught.


In the history of the academy awards, Titanic is the film which has been nominated for the maximum number of times, to be exact 14 times.

5.The gold-plated statuette

The gold-plated britannium statuette was not always the same. Between 1942 and the end of World War II, the statuettes were made of plaster to protect the metal.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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