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Is your dog a good dog or a bad dog? If you think all dogs are good then probably you are mistaken because dogs have a varying personality which changes over time according to the changing circumstances similar to the human personality.

According to the research, published in the Journal of Research in Personality, it has been revealed that dogs' personalities likely change over time.

William Chopik, professor of psychology and lead author says "We expected the dogs' personalities to be fairly stable because they don't have wild lifestyle changes humans do, but they actually change a lot. We uncovered similarities to their owners, the optimal time for training and even a time in their lives that they can get more aggressive toward other animals."

The study which is the largest study of dog personality ever conducted reveals the correlation between 3 important aspects

1. Age and Personality:

The study made the findings that it is difficult to train an old dog as the learning process and abilities reduce with age. A six-year-old dog is considered ideal to learn things.
2. Human-to-dog personality similarities:

It has been found that there is a striking similarity in the personality of dog and human. An extrovert human being has a more active and expressive dog and vice-versa.
3. Influence a dog's personality has on the quality of its relationship with its owner:

From biting behaviour of dogs to the way they love their owners defines their relationship with the owners. It changes with the mood, circumstances and environment in which dogs live.
Over 1,600 dogs spanning 50 different breeds were part of this study which drew important behaviour patterns of the dog and their relationship with their caretakers.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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