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Arranged marriages in India, where you are expected to take a decision about your life on the basis of one single meeting. This meeting is definitely not an ordinary meeting. The candidates showcase themselves as the best, presenting the best version of themselves just like a job interview. Yes, there are a lot of similar striking points between both.
Probably if someone who is in favour of the arranged marriages is reading my article would be blabbering countless things for me and maybe calling me as ‘ Non-Sanskari’. If expressing my viewpoint makes me non-sanskari I don’t give a dam actually.
Nonetheless, I would like to show you how is the arranged marriage meeting similar to the job interview…

• Before the interview/ meeting…

• Concept

The interviewer keeps a lot of options in the back-up and parents also send marriage proposals to multiple people at the same time where the most preferred suited option is taken into consideration.

• During the meeting….

1. Attire: Your choice of attire will inevitably have a bearing on the initial impression you make. If you wear some rags on the both you would actually be rejected.
2. Introduction- How you introduce yourself is an important deciding factor for the interview and marriage.
3. Showcasing your skills and talents: You are asked to blabber about your skills, strengths in both.
• After the meeting

Either it’s the interview or marriage meet both of them would leave you in suspense and will definitely take more than the expected time to announce the results. Thus, both make you wait for the results.
It is rare to get the same result on the same day.

Lastly, If you can’t talk properly you would probably be rejected in an interview and if you can’t walk you won’t be accepted in the marriage meeting.
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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
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