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'Namaste' forms an imperative part of Indian etiquette and is generally used while greeting and saying good-bye. Every culture has its own traditions and practices which make it different from the rest.
Work culture signifying the practices, regulations and ethics of work environment is also one important aspect of the culture. Every country has its own rules-regulations and working style. The paradigm shift in working cultures across the globe have made it important to know about the work environment of every part of the globe.
Talking about the American working culture there exists a lot of difference from that of India.

1. Timings:

In India time is relative. We work according to our timings. A 9-5 job does not really mean 8 hours job. However, things are not similar in America. They would work for fixed hours. Every meeting is attended on time.
2. Work-Life Balance:

Contrary to India people maintain a positive balance between both. They would not work after office hours at home. They give preference to their life after the workplace. They would avoid working late hours just we Indians do.
3. Ideas about the workplace:

In India work is life and is seen as a ladder to progress in life but the American culture has created a boundary between work and life.
4. A relationship between boss and subordinates:

There is no hierarchy or fixed set of pattern how tasks are performed in American Culture. Subordinates are expected to give suggestions, reviews, feedback in the American culture.
5. Critical Assessment:

When it comes to a critical assessment of employees seniors are quite soft in India unlike in America where they are very particular about the assessment of employees critically.
6. Adopting to change:

Americans are far more active and less resistant to accept any change. They accept change more positively.
From focusing more on results than following the fixed pattern or work process American culture have a mix of professional as well as casual work environment.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
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