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Ibiza in Spain is like ‘Goa Plan’ for the riches. The place is stocked with wild and high spirited vibes accompanied with clean beautiful beaches, so you see, everything here is just too damn convincing. So, if you got cash, Ibiza is your best bet and here’s all you can do in Ibiza: -

1). Munch On Some Spanish Paella

You know Spanish food is tempting AF and when its Spanish Paella, you just cannot resist it. So, if you plan to enter any beach bar on this Island, do not forget to order some great Paellas.

2). Mesmerizing Sunsets At San Antonio

Okay, Let us already give San Antonio the award for the ‘Best Place to witness sunsets’. Just reach Sunset Strip, buy a beer and sip on the beverage while providing a great feast to your eyes.

3). Wander Around Old Ibiza

Ibiza Old Town is one of the most crucial UNESCO World Heritage sights and rightly so, this place is surrounded with ecstatic streets, 14th-century cathedrals, stone statues, nostalgic value and big glitzy castles that will charm you in no time.

4). The San Marca Caves

Imagine how adventurous it can be to walk inside a ‘Sea Cave’? Intrigued already? Legends say that The San Marca Caves were used by dacoits in ancient time for smuggling purposes, now the place is one of the top tourist attractions in Ibiza.

5). Feel The Art At Hippy Market

Are you someone who loves and craves for art? Well, then ‘Hippy Markets’ of Ibiza is one place that you ought to visit. The place is very famous for handcrafted materials, artistic figures and uber-cool hand-made clothes.
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- Shivam
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