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Well, Mr Ambani’s son is all set to get hitched and if reports are anything to go by, this wedding will be much bigger and extravagant than the business tycoon’s daughter’s wedding. Just to give you an idea, Maroon 5 is getting approached to perform at the Sangeet ceremony in Switzerland.
*Legit Paise Ka Khel Nirala Feels*
You know I wouldn’t have believed this rumour but after the Ambanis managed to call ‘Queen Bey’, anything seems possible. Like, I can totally imagine Mukesh Ambani sitting and claiming: ‘Kabhi Kabhi To Lagta Hai Apun Hi Bhagwan Hai’.
On a serious note, if the ‘Animals’ are performing at the event; it is going to be one ‘Sugar(y)’ night. Ambanis, you may be having good money but you can never beat me at wordplays.
*Wears Sastey Chashmey*
So, interestingly, it is found that Mukesh Ambani has a net worth of around INR 2 Lacs Crore (I am fainting too and my eyes are also popped out). Now, I smoked a blunt and went ahead to imagine what all things (apart from calling up huge pop stars) could be done from Ambani’s wealth: -

1). 20 Thousand Crore Old Monk Bottles Can Be Purchased

I like Maroon 5 but this deal looks much more lucrative.

2). 1.25 Crore Global Passes Of Tomorrowland Can Be Taken

1.25 crore passes, bro meri saat pushtein jaa sakti hain Tomorrowland.

3). 67 Lakh Trips To Amsterdam

Who doesn’t want to get wasted at World’s best bachelor pad?

4). A Good ‘Chicken Sausage Pizza’ Delivery By Pizza Hut For 500 crore days

I am crying tears of joy.

5). 67 Crore Packets Of Pure Malana Cream Can Be Bought

May Akash Ambani have a happy ‘WEEDing’.
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Design: Vikas Kakkar
- Shivam
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