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Revolution is the change that came when ‘the change’ becomes most wanted and important. Give me a break…man!!! I guess every Indian cinema lover is saying this now because we are tired of seeing all that ‘Big-Budget’ movies that only have glamour in the story and nothing else. Now the “Khan & Kapoor” era is ending because we have a bunch of talented directors, story writers and actors who believe in doing films with a new storyline with which audience can connect themselves.

And right from the Bheja Fry to Khosla Ka Ghosla to Luka Chuppi… these films are what with which we can find ourselves in somewhere, as each character somewhere resembling real-life characters and how they play their roles.

In low-budget films, the makers don’t have a place for the superstars, luxury sets, shoots on Iceland or somewhere on the foreign land, instead they have to make their film in a budget. So they don’t experiment much, and try to show the reality with different aspects and how different personality people react to that situation.

We have listed some of the movies’ names who proved to be the best low-budget hit:

Bheja Fry

If you have seen the movie, you must remember how much the movie loved the people at that time. Actually, the concept of the movie was really different at that time and the movie also came in series, the second after first.

Bharat was the aspiring singer and Ranjeet (who is a rich man and invites middle-class people to make fun) he welcomes Bharat to his house. However, Bharat unintentionally creates a great mess, and try to amend things for Ranjeet, but end up by causing more damage. During all the scenes when they were happening, the audience enjoy this different comedy-drama.

Khosla Ka Ghosla

It was the movie that created the most realistic scene. The movie included comedy, family drama and also the teamwork. It happens with many people that some random man came into the scene of their real life and try to grab their land without buying it. The movie shows how Cherry becomes – a godson from the careless son, and how his friends plan to fool the crook, Khurana.

Dum Laga Ke Haisha

I think these low-budget filmmakers really put their heart into it, and this is the reason that they bring out the movies that are so realistic. The movie showed us a totally new concept of a marriage and how a fat girl fight with her husband and with her own family. Sandhya was an educated girl, but she was overweight, and Prem was school dropout. The story revolves around the couple and how these two different personalities fall in love with each other.

Vicky Donor

Vicky Donor was a great hit of Ayushmann Khurrana and Yami Gautam. The movie showed the concept or the life of a sperm donor and who people react even their close ones when they all get to know. It is us who make this society and we these type of things a “Taboo”, but in reality, somewhere many couples are opting for this, either by hiding from everyone or neglecting in front of all. The film won National Film Award for the Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment at the 60th National Film Awards.

Luka Chuppi

The most recent film with another new concept. The movies reflecting the true situation of a modern couple and what happens when their narrow-minded families got to know about the main plot. The movie revolves around the couple- Guddu and Rashmi. Guddu falls in love with Rashmi and proposes her to get married, while Rashmi suggests for Live In. What will happen Guddu’s joint family come to stay with the couple and find out about their fake marriage?

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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