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With the changing world and time, our society is also evolving, we are now getting more dependable on online services. Whether it is about shopping online or ordering food through online food applications. Have you ever thought if forest animals start ordering food online and spare the lives of their prey? I thought of giving this power, I mean Zomato and Swiggy apps’ online food ordering service to five dangerous animals that are common to everyone

1. Lion having Barbecue Chicken Pizza

A lion who usually hunts for the fresh flash, think if he is spending time over his smartphone and ordering a delicious pizza from food app. Don’t you think, it will become weird for deer and other animals because they no more have to run. What deer will after seeing this shocking scene, “Why they hunt us when they can order food themselves?”

2. Crocodile having Hot & Sour Soup

Ok… we can’t force this huge creepy animal to hold the cup of soup, so he ordered a whole large soup pot for him. Crocodiles look so eerie to me, but having soup and ordering food for himself, will keep him busy and it won’t hunt and the travelers on the water and under the water.

3. Bear having Honey Pancakes

Bears are so cute until they are with us as a soft-toy, but in reality, bears are the scariest hound. Their puffy back only can only Mogli to sit on, but not us, don’t even think! Imagine this hound having honey pancakes instead of peeling off the beehives. With the help of these amazing food ordering apps, he can now order them as much as he wants.

4. Fox having KFC chicken bucket

Imagine the scene fox licking over the KFC chicken bucket and ignoring the animal that she usually hunts when feeling hungry. Now no more running and hunting, no more violence, she has an online food service app and can have delicious food at her doorstep.

5. Snake having Nut Brownie

Snack is such a hidden-intention animal, you never estimate its next step. Ditching her favorite milk, this Mr. Snake has ordered Nut-brownie. Good, Mr. Snake enjoy!!!

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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