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As children, we all were fascinated by fairy tales. They take us to a world of fantasy and imagination and every child wants to dwell there and be a part of these fairy tales. Time may have elapsed and the hobbies of today’s generations’ might have shifted from reading to technology, but the demand for fairy tales still remains the same. With the passage of time, it gets necessary to modify the same old fairy tales, which we have read, seen and known for years now, and present them in a different style originally based on folklore, myths, and previously written fairy tales. The newly written fairy tale retellings put a twist on fantastical stories that have captured our hearts and imaginations for decades and open a new avenue for fantasy lovers.


Following is a list of ten most popular books on fairy tale retellings. These books have come as a great surprise and long coveted gift any fantasy lover can ask for.

The Great Hunt

Synopsis: Written by famous author Robert Jordan, The Great Hunt is the second book of the Wheel of Time series. The main story revolves around a group of young heroes like Rand al'Thor, Mat Cauthon, and Perrin Aybara, all ta'veren who strive to get the Horn of Valere out of enemy hands and join the Shienaran soldiers. It is one of the most popular fantasy novels of recent times.

Read it for: The Great Hunt is the second book in the Wheel of Time series and picks up more or less exactly where the Eye of the World ended. Much like the first one, it is definitely a must read for all fantasy fans.

Don’t read it for: several of the same problems that plagued the first volume was pretty much repeated in the second volume as well. Laughing manically and destroying the odd evil peon may look and sound impressive at first, but after a while, it becomes rather boring.

What makes the book stand out: This series as a whole has everything one could wish for from high fantasy: action, magic, politics, history, relationships, character growth. Triumph, betrayal, hope, tragedy, comedy. What this series accomplishes is a blend of all of these in a masterful work of art that is unrivaled in balance across themes.

A Beautiful Curse: A Retelling of the Frog Bride

Synopsis: This book written by Kenley Davidson is a romantic fairy tale. When a bumbling fairy godfather gifts a humble woodcutter’s fourth child with extraordinary beauty, she spends the next eighteen years trying to hide it behind a book.

Read it for: The book will speak to the soul of every book-lover. It is full of beauty and emotion and sparkles with love, laughter and life lessons.

Don’t read it for: The stories seem to keep getting shorter. They are definitely short stories and should be published together as a set.

What makes the book stand out: It is a great twist on a fairy tale. The humorous fairy godfather makes a fun plot twist later in the book which comes to a great surprise to the readers.


Synopsis: Hunted by Meagan Spooner is a unique, beautiful re-imagining of Beauty and the Beast which also incorporates elements from Russian folklore and featuring an archer heroine.

Read it for: The story is super unique, while still remaining true to the elements from Beauty and the Beast. The twist in the story is great and the writing is very engaging.

Don’t read it for: Hunted is very light on romance, so those who look for fast burning love stories, should not go for this one.

What makes the book stand out: The ending of Hunted is so much sweeter because of the way the author chose to treat the romantic element.

Fairest of All: A Tale of the Wicked Queen

Synopsis: A tale of the young princess and her evil stepmother, the Wicked Queen, is widely known. The author has done justice to the original story, the Queen was jealous of the girl’s beauty and the jealousy culminated in the Queen’s attempt on the sweet innocent girl’s life.

Read it for: For those who love fairy tales and Disney retellings, especially for those who want to delve deeper into the stories, this is a great book.

Don’t read it for: This is not a book for the kids, this is a rather depressing story. The original story is a story of obsessive vanity but this is a story of neglect, abuse, and insanity.

What makes the book stand out: This book did exactly what it was intended. It stuck to the storyline and still managed to give more insight and new characters without changing anything drastically.

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