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If I ask who is the biggest problem solver in your life? The answer definitely would be GOOGLE. Whenever we are in doubt Google is the first person we contact. From solving the problems of daily everyday jobs to providing significant information on anything and everything Google is the biggest treasure we have in our life.
Isn’t it so common when someone asks us about anything and we don’t have the answer of it the common catchphrase that comes out of our mouth say is “Aree google kar lo na”.
Google has become so significant in our life that we trust on it blindly and is dependent on it like we are not dependent on anyone else in our life. It would not be wrong to say that it holds a crucial position in our life like any special person in our life.
So just imagine if our dear Google was an Indian mother what would have happened. How would Google react in all these circumstances?

1. If someone types PORN VIDEO on Google…

I can imagine the whole scenario if someone dares to ask for it. Quite obvious Google will become dumbstruck and it would not be shocking if Google blackout after reading it.
2. If someone types Online Shopping on Google...

Get ready to hear lots of taunts from Google if you are in a mood to do a lot of shopping. You know our mothers have a heart shock when they see our shopping bills.
3. If someone types ‘Feeling sick’

In this situation, Google will definitely do one thing and that would be “nazar utarne ka kaam’.
4. If someone types ‘Best Bob haircut’

Expect a long moral lecture from google if you type this.
5. If someone types ‘Best places to travel’

You can guess what would be the Google answer. You don’t? Did you ask about the plan from your father?
Probably Google would not remain your favourite search engine if it were a mother.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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