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If we want to talk about toothpaste it is Colgate, if we talk about noodles Maggi comes to our mind automatically. There are a lot of brands which have established so strongly that they are not just the brands rather a lot more than that.
These brands are able to win our hearts that we have become loyal to these brands. Whenever we want to have we would not think about anything else expect that brands. It seems that these brands have been with us from the starting and will continue to be with us forever.
Here are some of the popular brands which are interchangeably used as product names:

1. Xerox for photocopy

Remember when we were going to get the photocopy we always used to say and still continues to say ‘ Photocopy karane ja rahu hu’. But Xerox is actually the name of the company.
2. Maggi for noodles

There are a lot of brands like yippee but noodles are definitely denoted with Maggi in India.
3. Colgate for toothpaste

I don’t know if you say it or not but I always been hearing this phrase ‘Colgate kar li kya’. Not because we have always been using Colgate but it automatically happens…
4. Activa for scooty:

Activa is used more popularly than scooty by Indians.
5. Aquaguard - Water purifiers

It is a very commonly used brand name that we use in our daily life.’ Ro nahi chal raha is what we say even if we are using other brands as well.
There are some more…

Whisper or Stayfree - Sanitary napkins

'Bisleri'- Mineral water

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
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